Brooloo Park Camping Ground

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I have had two camping trips in the last month and one of them was to a new farm stay at Imbil called Brooloo Park. We relaxed in our hammocks, the kids fed the animals and we ate like kings. If you would like to see what we got up to, make sure you check out our photo?s and be sure to put on a bib beforehand….. Some of the pictures of the tucker cooked on this camping trip could well induce uncontrollable drooling!

I love nothing more than finding a new camp ground on the SunnyCoast. Always on the hunt, Vince Carige (Owner of Brooloo Park) made himself know in the store not too long ago and from this introduction, we decided to head out to see what he had to offer.

BroolooPark is situated on well over 250 acres of farm land and has a number of different camp site choices. Every single campsite has water frontage and if you book a campsite, whether you have 10 families camping with you or just yourselves…?That campsite is your own!? The ?seclusion factor? is fantastic as the BroolooPark campsites are designed to be separate and exclusive from each other, throughout the property. It is an eco park, so with that in mind there is a long drop toilet at each campsite, but taking in your own portable toilet and eco friendly waste chemical (Like Bio Magic) suits best. For the first time in years the creek has just stopped running, however in all the years Vince has owned BroolooPark, this really is a first apparently. When a bit of rain hits soon I believe this location would be stunningly pristine. There are fish in the creek, however being an eco friendly park, all fish caught are on a ?catch and release? basis only. Camping here is charged per car load and for an additional fee Vince will also deliver a whole trailer load of fire wood for you.

The kids fed the animals for a small cost and if you are into horse riding and all the fun stuff you can do on a farm, this is available too. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we will be back to see BroolooPark again. Located only an hour from home, it is conveniently located for a quick and easy getaway. ?Thanks Vince!?

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