Borumba Dam -Introduction Video

G’day happy campers.

I read an article last week that mentioned as humans we are hard wired to love nature & we thrive on some sort of exposure to it. This might explain why many of us want houses that allow us to see the ocean, or why some of us want to live nestled amongst the rainforests & even as simple as revitalising ourselves by spending time in our own backyard garden.

The reason I have mentioned this was because of a comment Kerri made at the start of last week “I think I’m having withdrawals from camping, let’s get away this weekend!” So we did & I now know why………..

We tootled off to roadtest the Borumba Dam Campground, which is situated just outside the little Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Imbil. (Approximately 1hr north west of Maroochydore.) I packed the GoPro camera & shot a small piece of footage on our camping experience. Hope you enjoy it!

Check Out The Video


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