Beef Cheek Stew

Beef Cheek Stew Recipe

With camping stews being top of mind, I have pulled out a recipe from the old Camping Country Australia vault. A few years ago I was given an amazing Beef Cheek stew recipe by Luke from Cotton Tree Butchers. It was to die for!!!! Kerri and I decided to test it at the time. So we cooked to our hearts content, took a load of photo?s and we even have the recipe for you to download so you can try it your self.

I would allow at least 3 hours to cook the Beef Cheek stew, as the cheeks are quite tough to start with. In fact, you will need one hell of a sharp knife when cutting it (can I make a recommendation to have it pre cut at the butchers!). But never fear, the meat becomes so tender once it is cooked properly, it will literally fall apart on your plate.?

Enjoy the photo?s, make sure you download the recipe and happy camp oven cooking!?



Natures Kitchen

Chopping the Veg

Cooking Away

Smells Good Already

Relaxing While the Stews Cooking

Chatting to Katherine & Shaun from Cobb n Co Nine Mile

Enjoying the Stew


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