The Awesome Keyhead Camping Peg

This weeks handy camping product comes to you in the form of some footage. With the lack of rain around at the moment & the ground in our camping parks as hard as a rock, the timing couldn’t be more appropriate! Enter the “Key head peg!” It is what I consider the best designed steel camping peg I have ever used & it’s clever design gives it strength that is unparalleled today.

The Key Head peg is a product that was invented by a Brisbane based family & it?s unique creation came about out of necessity. With many of South East Queensland?s beautifully stunning campgrounds often positioned at the base of mountains, it?s not too rare to find volcanic rock sitting only a few inches below the ground. Todays typical steel tent peg doesn?t stand a chance! Be sure to watch the short clip on all there is to know about the ?Key Head Peg!?

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