Army Duck Double Fill Cotton Canvas is Back!

Don?t adjust your eyes, you did read that heading right. Army duck canvas has made a resurgence back into the Australian camping market place. Say hello to ?Kodiak?, the new leader in top quality canvas tents. For those of us old enough to remember the original 100% pure cotton canvas of times gone by, the minute you touch this stuff, the memories will come flooding back.?

Not only is the original back, it has been put into what I consider (personal view only), possibly the best tent design I have ever seen. This tent frame system is called a Flex Bow design and by flex, I mean it has four spring rods running from the centre galvanised steel pole supports. These spring steel rods apply constant and equal pressure to the canvas tent and they absorb energy (flex) should some heavy gusts start to blow.?

This gives two brilliant benefits. (1) the flexible spring steel rods absorb a lot of the stress that is usually given to the two weakest parts of all tents. This seems to be the pegs and stitching and it adds incredible strength. (2) this makes for a super quiet tent in windy weather. The stress is constant and consistent. No loose flapping or noisy synthetic material to be seen.

As we all know, pictures speak a thousand words, so what I thought I would do is shoot some footage and showcase how this beauty is erected.?

If you just watched the footage, I am guessing you are amazed by how easy & stress free the Kodiak went up. So what is it that separates the Kodiak Flex Bow tent against most other quick erecting tents on the Australian camping Market?

Here are some simple answers:

– Once set up, there is no ?optional extra? outer fly required for waterproof protection, this takes time, is usually an extra cost, and is not something you want to do in the middle of a wet windy night.

– There are no guy ropes required should the wind pick up. (In fact, guy ropes hinder its purpose).

– The support is in the spring steel rods. The only joints in the Kodiak tents are two solid aluminium knuckles and its built tough! (No plastic moving parts here!)

– There is an enormous amount of head room. This allows you to use a queen size mattress and climb out of bed on your own side. (I see so many quick erecting tents where someone has to climb over the other to get out of bed? unacceptable in todays day and age of tent design!)

Army duck canvas is military designation and this means the fabric is of equal strength in both warp and weft (weave). It?s hardy no matter which way you pull on it.

Double-fill means that two threads are twisted together, and these threads are woven into the canvas both crosswise and lengthwise. This makes for a much tighter weave adding strength, durability and waterproofness. 100% cotton canvas has the most remarkable breathability? It?s a natural fibre! When it rains the fibres swell up and literally clog tight. This makes the tent very taught, helps prevent water pooling at the eaves, and adds to its impeccable waterproofing. Available at Camping Country Australia, come in and see one for yourself!

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