Adventure is Calling

As the cooler weather kicks in, so does the urge to put on a backpack, hop on an adventure motorbike or even load up the kayak for some quality outdoor time. Being self sufficient when you?re out on a remote experience allows us to really get off the beaten track, for it is here where we really get to enjoy the natural world in all it?s secluded glory. But as always, we are animals and we do need nutrition to survive. So having the ability to boil a cuppa or cook a meal in the wild is a necessity. That?s why I wanted to show you this little beauty – it?s an ultra compact, super lightweight and incredibly hot adventure cooker. Check this out!

Optimus is an older tradition brand that has been making lightweight and compact adventure stoves in Sweden many years. For my long term readers, you all know I have a desire for impeccable quality and Optimus delivers this standing on their head. The Swedish have built a reputation for manufacturing the worlds best camping stoves for the past century and Optimus is one of the few that have continued this into 2016.?

With?compact-ability?being the call of the day, having a stove that will literally fold down into the palm of your hand makes packing a breeze.?

Transportation is now also a breeze. Having the ability to fit the stove onto gas canisters that have a non return valve built into them – means we can screw the stove on and off the canister for transportation and the gas canister can?t leak. This makes it so much easier to pack and balance the weight your backpack, kayak hull or bike saddle bags. (Long gone are the days where we had to leave the stove attached to the gas canister until the canister was empty!)

With safety being so relevant now days, there is also an option of a 3 way stand that will attach to the bottom of the gas canisters. This 3 way stand always finds an anti-rocking position on most surfaces and this makes for a more secure cooking position. So simple and clever!

Incredibly efficient, this little unit absolutely pumps out the heat. We had boiling water in no time at all.

And with some pretty good New Zealand made dehydrated food options now available – we can eat as healthy as we want!?

Simply add water, sit back relax and eat till your hearts content! After all, when there is adventure involved – there is a lot of energy to re build.

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