A Winter Camp Oven Delight

There is nothing better than a hot meal straight out of a camp oven in winter. It warms the belly, thaws out the fingertips & might just partner itself well with a shy glass of red around the campfire.

Here is a recipe that was created by one of my best mates in the world & he also just happens to be my brother in law – Brett (A 5 star resort chef by profession & married to Kerri?s sister Leigh). It?s a slow cooked Beef Fettuccine that always impresses & it has become personal favourite of mine as a winter camping recipe. Some of my old readers may have seen it before, but for my new readers – I guarantee you are going to love it!

The recipe is on this link & no licking the screen please! Click here to open the PDF

It was just on 5 years ago that my brother in law – Brett – cooked Kerri & I a warm winter food delight that still has us captivated today. As you will see below (I may have aged a little?..) we were at a great local Sunshine Coast campground called Neurum Creek Bush Retreat & Uncle Brett dazzled us with his skill.??Don?t you hate it when a chef makes it look so easy?!?? We initially got the Beef Fettuccine rocking on the gas stove – but once the meat was seared, the tomato paste had changed from red to a deep purple colour & the red wine was soaking its way through the diced meat – the camp oven made its way to the fire pit. ?

If I could pass on a few good simple hints, they would most definitely be all based around regulating the heat. For EG:

  • Long slow simmering heat. 4 hours minimum!
  • Never cook over the flame – always cook with coals, to the side of the fire.
  • It?s a 30% – 70% rule of thumb with coals
    • 30% of coals around the base.
    • 70% of the coals on the lid.?
  • Manage the amount of coals (heat) – based on the Fettuccine simmering nicely.
    • As you can imagine, managing the heat on a camp oven is done through trial & error. Especially when it comes to the type & size of camp oven you are using – be it spun steel or cast iron.

There is a recipe below for you to follow & a PDF version you can download. Happy camp oven cooking & if there is anything you would like to know – make sure you send me an email.?

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