A Last Minute Nature Reboot

Last Friday morning around the breakfast table, miss 8 year old asked Kerri and I if we could go camping that night. Our first reaction was, ?absolutely not enough notice?, and then we both looked at each other and discussed ?How lucky are we that our kids want to go bush and hang out as a family?? So we decided to make it happen and we did it on a minimalism scale?. needless to say, we enjoyed it so much more. For this quick last minute trip, all we took was two swags, a chair each, table, Gazebo, icebox, single burner stove and some campfire cooking equipment. It all went in the back of Pajero with the gazebo on the roof, it only took us 3/4 of an hour to get it together after work and boom… we were away!

Where did we go?:

We decided to camp at Cobb-and-Co-9-Mile just south of Gympie. A quick 45 minute drive (felt like we just sat in the car and we had arrived) up the highway and we had our camp set up just after 7pm. Being such a basic and quick erecting camp – setting up in the dark was not an issue (It does help that I?ve done it a thousand times before!!)

Short Stay camping kit:

For my long term readers, you will have all heard me say that Kerri and I made a decision last year to get our kids back to nature more often. We know innately, the physical and mental health benefits our family receives in doing so – my wife Kerri says “It?s where we disconnect from the busy modern day world to reconnect with the natural one. We also know that one camping kit (set up) doesn?t suit all types of camping experiences. This is why I have developed a quick Short Stay camping kit for overnight use. The quicker it it, the more stress free it is, the more often we will go camping and that means more time in the peace and quiet tranquility of Mother Nature.

“Camping? Healthy for the mind, body and soul!?

The Camping Guru


  • Betty Tompsett says:

    love the pics! and it is good to see that I am not the only one that thinks close ups of critters on tree trunks are interesting. we have an Oz Tent 3 or 4,hubby not sure,we are seniors and haven’t used this 2nd hand tent before and wondered what size fly over tarp we need,Any suggestions please? thanks Betty

  • Patricia Morgan says:

    Having a family that enjoy the like is priceless.
    I’m pretty much on my own camper. I have loads of family and friends however they don’t camp. That won’t stop me getting out and about. Time waits for no one.
    Enjoy it all while you can and thank you for sharing.

  • Carmen says:

    Hey Jarrod, I think you should be extremely proud of yourself. A great business and real relationship with your network and a real love for this country. I previously wholesaled Colombia Sportswear in Aus (never to you I must say…we should have an Aussie made product) and I fell in love with the industry, the outdoor industry. My Irish other half and I are passionate about what we do, where we go, what experiences we go through…in the outdoors that is. So I just wanted to say THANK-YOU for being so passionate, so sharing and the BEST in the business I believe.
    I love getting your emails keep up the good work !

    Best regards
    Carmen and Martin Dunn of Woody Point

  • Matt says:

    Hi Jarrod, i just love the fact that your kids are so passionate about getting in the bush & away from technology! You guys are an inspiration! I have to admit that it does rub off on our kids after a while just cant beat camping hay! Cheers Matt

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